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Are you planning on doing another contest?
Anonymous asked

Eventually :)

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Most Implausible Sex Scene Contest - RESULTS!

Winner: Ride ‘Em, Cowboy by denof-iniquity


(Winner’s URL is misspelled. Sorry =/ )

Worst Lube: Et Tu, Geico by tigrislupa

There will be no notable mention, because they all deserve it. Here are the other entries, very loosely sorted by length (shorter ones first):

  1. Fantasies Fulfilled by the-eyeball-fairy
  2. It’s a scarecrow fucking a robot… by drops-rain-and-sea
  3. Strawberry Jam by buttsofmordor
  4. The Die Hard-on by anarchicarchaeology
  5. Entry by senor-bizarro
  6. Entry by cranberrytaboo
  7. The Wreck-oning by crypto-dork
  8. Parslemouths Have Special Needs by Anonymous
  9. Entry by roisu
  10. The proper appreciation of homework by puralis
  11. Entry by ask2p-fem-latvia
  12. The Best Day Ever by flareth
  13. Davekat gets it onnnnn by caroleannforbes
  14. Doctor Sex? by box-with-a-madman
  15. Entry by jennnmarshall
  16. Entry by tranland
  17. Entry by davestrida
  18. Tighter than Satan’s Arsehole by Anonymous
  19. Ritual Site Lovin’ by meowcatmeowkitty
  20. Entry by not-gavino
  21. Entry by consideryourselfshipped
  22. Entry by chuedede
  23. Obama and Romney Fuck Stalin and Hitler by evilroda
  24. Entry by xakkun
  25. Harry Potter/30Hs/My Immortal Crossover by Anonymous
  26. Entry by einhornglitzenkampf
  27. Salsa Verde by should-have-been-charlie
  28. A VERY PLAUSIBLE AND AROUSING ERISOL FANFIC by Acey (damaraschoiceass)
  29. Entry by exploding-plasma-bunnies
  30. Frisky Scrapbooking by orestespylades
  31. Are you sure that is Lube? by lokibitch07
  32. America and Canada get it on. by windmagesoren
  33. Of Pokemon and Onions by thefourthhomokage
  34. For the Blood of a Vampire by samundomiel
  35. A Triumph of Chaos by animecaligula
  36. Blue, Ink and Afternoon by elvhenbutts
  37. Thick n Juicey by chocolatechipbunnies
  38. Rocking the Boat by pterodactyldreams
  39. A Charley/Stepladder Fanfiction by failsyndrome
  40. Keeping Promises by auburn-bird
  41. Ensign Sue and the Vagina Galactica by trojanphoenix
  42. Operation Fornication by redonyellow
  43. A Damn Fine Investigator by julyjuly
  44. Mitt Romney and the Sorcerer’s Sphincter — Chapter 1 by nehmherinah
  45. For the Gag Reel by brethilaki
  46. Untitled Work by stalincest
  47. Entry by token-loli
  48. The Language of Love (A John/Nanna fic) by illustratedshadows
  49. Smokin hot school trip by kittyrain
  50. Hot Skitty-on-Wailord Action by copious-cuddles
  51. Entry by zombiie-cereal
  52. Wall-E White: An Erotic Breaking Bad and Pixar Fanfiction by just0sand1s
  53. The Clown and the Ninja. by zombieshrooms
  54. Plate Tectonics by Espeonsilverfire2
  55. never attempt to avoid turning justin hammer into a penis by klutzygeek
  56. Looks Like This Chicken Just Got a DICKIN’ by painedmango
  57. The Lung Fic by slendpai
  58. Chair Fic by Anonymous
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60 entries.

If I can get all of them read today, then Ill post the results.

Other than that, expect the results to be posted within the next few days :3

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does it have to be between two characters from a canon creation or can they be original characters?
Anonymous asked

There can be an OC, I suppose

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Can we get bonus points for filling out a line on the Badfic Bingo card?
Anonymous asked


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are crossovers okay or rather not?
Anonymous asked

Theyre okay :3

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How many entries so far?
Anonymous asked

25 ish

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If I requested it, would you leave my submission anonymous? I'd rather not have my name on the horrible idea I have.
Anonymous asked


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Now should we spell things poorly to decrease quality or would you prefer us to spell correctly (for ease of reading) and have the poor quality stem from the actual contents?
Anonymous asked

Thats up to you and how you use whatever way you choose

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DAMN THIS CONTEST. TT nTT I can't find a fandom I'm willing to write a fic for. I love them too much, and every time I go to write for a pairing I don't like, my brain just sort of turns into the No-No-No-No Cat.
Anonymous asked

Write for a fandom you dont like